Writing fiction is one of my favorite hobbies and I’ve got a few projects that incorporate my love of archaeology. You can find more about those projects and their statuses here.  In the meantime, feel free to check out my author page on Goodreads! 



The past uncovered, the future revealed.

Gwyddion has been around in some format since 2012 and is the first work of mine that holds a copyright.  The story  has undergone a few revisions and was originally conceived as a webseries in thirteen episodes (hence the logo above), then was expanded into a movie script. It received positive reviews in screenwriting contests and was unsuccessfully crowdfunded in 2013. To date, I am working on expanding and transforming the story into a series of novels.

The novels follow the adventures of an archaeological survey crew on the remote planet Metla who are trying to figure out what caused the civilization there to vanish. There’s a war raging elsewhere in the galaxy that seems far away, yet events on Metla quickly entangle the unwilling crew in the battle. The key to ending the war once and for all lies in the pasts of two of the crew members, but it is uncertain whether they will be able to act fast enough to stop the war before it’s too late.

Bodie is a teenage actress who has a very unique ability: when she touches human bones, she sees the past of the person whom they belonged to. While visiting distant relatives in America, she uncovers a set of of bones in the orchard and realizes that her recently deceased grandfather was a witness to murder.  Bodie races to solve a decades-old crime before the murderer has a chance to strike again.